Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association Endorsement

As current President and elected spokesperson for the Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association, I have been tasked by the association’s board members and neighborhood as a whole to communicate our complete and total support for this historical monument/fountain undertaking.

In addition, I have been granted by the Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association to offer a location for the proposed fountain. We would like to offer a corner of our neighborhood park, Buckeye Greenway. Buckeye Greenway is an approximately 80-acre park with the southern portion of our park extending along the north side of 210 highway from North Brighton west to Chouteau Trafficway. Hopefully, the corner of our park where Chouteau Trafficway and 210 highway intersect (the northeast corner of where the two roadways intersect) would be a suitable location.

As you are aware, our neighborhood has embarked on the complete revitalization of Buckeye Greenway Park. An integral part of our master plan is to have native nature trails with points of interest thru out our park. Under our present plan a portion of our trail system leads directly to the proposed fountain site. This would hopefully create a more valued appreciation for a monument/fountain honoring one of our city’s founding fathers, Francois Chouteau.

Doug Green
Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association
December 6, 2014