Chouteau Fountain Founders

The Chouteau Fountain Founders is a community volunteer organization dedicated to sharing the history of Kansas City with residents and visitors. Through the grace and artistry of the François Chouteau & Native American Heritage Fountain, the organization aspires to:

  • Celebrate Kansas City’s early cultures and commerce.
  • Connect people to history and each other.
  • Create an enriching destination within the Kansas City parks system.
  • Embrace the Northland’s role in establishing Kansas City.

Partnering with the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, the City of Fountains Foundation, and generous, like-minded donors, the Chouteau Fountain Founders intends to enhance the community with a sustainable, historically accurate, and engaging landmark.

Make a donation to the François Chouteau & Native American Heritage Fountain today.

Chairs of Chouteau Fountain Founders

Dick Davis
Dick Davis
Mark McHenry
Mark McHenry
Keith Nelson
Keith Nelson

Honorary Chairs

Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner
Councilwoman Teresa Loar
John Dillingham
Anita Gorman

Councilwoman Heather Hall
Councilman Dan Fowler
Kevin O'Neill
Ray Brock
Kelley Martin

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